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Natural Stone Countertop Sealer (Spray Water Based Version) Clean, Seal & Maintain Kit

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 Natural Stone Countertop Sealer Clean, Seal & Maintain kit is perfect DIY kit for cleaning sealing and maintaining your natural stone counter tops.  Save $3.50 by purchasing the kit!!
It includes:
1 – 24 oz bottle of DeepKlenz to properly prepare your counter tops for sealing. Use Deepklenz to remove deep and stubborn grease, dirt, and food stains.  Do not use after sealing as it may break down sealer.
1 – 24 oz bottle of Natural Stone Countertop Sealer to seal your counter tops
1 - 24 oz bottle of Stone & Tile Cleaner for daily cleaning. 

1 – 24 oz bottle of Revitalizer for weekly or monthly cleaning and reinforcement of sealer
1 – 4 pack of towels, For cleaning or Revitalizer.  Reusable
1 – 2 pack of application pads, great for applying the sealer.  Reusable